Oscar Venue Hit with Power Outage During Rehearsals

11 March 2023

The final preparations for the 95th Academy Awards are underway, and everyone involved wants to ensure that nothing goes wrong on Sunday night. While unplanned disturbances like last year’s slap are unavoidable, the last rehearsals are meant to ensure that the actual production of the show goes off without a hitch.

But the recent slew of uncharacteristically bad weather in Los Angeles complicated things on Saturday, when the rain that has inconvenienced the city for the better part of two weeks briefly caused the ceremony’s venue to lose power. Variety has reported that Ovation Hollywood, the entertainment complex that includes the Dolby Theatre, saw several areas go completely dark on Saturday afternoon.

In addition to the rehearsal space, the storm also reportedly caused the Roosevelt Hotel — where many Oscar nominees go to get ready for the red carpet — to lose power. The outages also affected several credential and safety offices that will be key to ensuring Sunday’s event runs smoothly.

The report claims that power was eventually restored, and rehearsals resumed on Saturday afternoon. But given that various homes and business around Los Angeles have continued to sporadically lose power throughout the weekend, movie fans should might want to keep monitoring the weather with the hope that nothing goes wrong tomorrow.

A power outage during the show would be the last thing anyone needs, as this year’s Oscars are being billed as a reset after last year’s chaotic (and critically panned) show. Veteran award show producers Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner and host Jimmy Kimmel have all been open about their desire to deliver a back-to-basics broadcast that invokes the traditional glamour with which the Oscars have long been synonymous.

“We as a whole have just been focusing forward,” Weiss said in a recent interview with IndieWire. “We’re not trying to relive much of that stuff. Jimmy, who has been so engaged, so wonderful, is interested in making a fun show. We’re not necessarily looking for anything that’s looking backward or mean-spirited. He’s his usual [self] — like in his promo — self deprecating, funny, but not at the expense of anybody.”

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