NFTs For “The Matrix” & “Pulp Fiction” Announced As The Film Industry Embraces Blockchain

4 November 2021
Has the film industry finally bitten the blockchain bug? A new set of digital collectables...
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Neurocinema: The Study of How Films Control The Brain

13 July 2021
We all know that movies are great. A good film can make us feel a...
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Amazon Prime Video Streaming Tips for Subscribers in 2021

9 July 2021
Following in the footsteps of Netflix that created the first online streaming service in 2007,...

The History of Paramount Pictures

8 July 2021
Paramount Pictures is an iconic and historically important film studio that has housed many important...

The New Hollywood: Streaming Giants

17 June 2021
The Hollywood film industry has changed a lot across the decades. Many of the titanic...
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