‘Everything Everywhere’ Director Asks Fans to Be Gracious if Oscars Don’t Go Their Way: ‘No Movie Deserves to Sweep’

11 March 2023

After a long award season, it’s starting to look like everything is going to break for “Everything Everywhere All at Once” at the Academy Awards tomorrow night. Most observers of the Oscar race have predicted that Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s multiverse saga will at the very least take home Best Picture, Best Actress for Michelle Yeoh, and Best Supporting Actor for Ke Huy Quan. But anything can happen on Oscar night, and one of the film’s directors wants his fans to be prepared for anything.

Daniel Kwan took to his personal Twitter account on Saturday to thank fans for supporting his work over the past year — while also imploring everyone to be kind in the event that things don’t go their way.

“I’m probably going to take a break from social media after tomorrow,” Kwan wrote in a thread. “The last thing I ask of any fans of our film is to be gracious and kind tomorrow, especially if we don’t pick up awards that you might have felt we deserved.”

While Kwan and the rest of the “Everything Everywhere” team have been campaigning hard for the film, the director made it clear that his pride in his own work should not be read as a slight against his competition.

“I love every one of the films we are up against for different reasons,” he said. “More importantly, I have grown to love the people behind each of the films as I have gotten to know them this year. I already have everything I could ever want, and there is no need to be angry on our behalf.”

Kwan also said that he hopes to see a variety of films receive awards tomorrow night to ensure that the event unfolds as a proper celebration of filmmaking in 2022.

“No movie deserves to sweep, no matter how good it is, and I am rooting whole heartedly for my fellow nominees,” he said. “Thank you for coming along with me on this wild ride, all of your support has meant the world to me. Byeeeeeee.”

Kwan ended his thread with an epilogue addressing his detractors, jokingly apologizing for making a movie that certain people didn’t like.

“P.S. to the people who hate the film with their entire being: I’m sorry we ruined cinema for you forever,” he wrote. “I hope we can make it up to you on the next one.”

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