Brett Goldstein Can ‘Never Show’ Early Stand-Up Due to ‘Wrong’ Decisions Onstage

7 March 2023

Brett Goldstein is keeping his early stand-up under wraps for good reason.

The “Ted Lasso” star teased that his comedy from years ago is kept under lock and key and essentially wiped from the Internet amid modern cancel culture.

“I made a series of decisions that, further down the road, turned out to be the wrong ones, which have haunted me,” Goldstein told GQ UK. “I did shows before anyone knew who I was and I didn’t think ahead in terms of…I was just making the thing that was right at the time.”

The “Thor: Love and Thunder” actor added, “But they’re all things that are often about truth and about real people and I can’t just have them on the Internet. I’m very proud of them, but unfortunately, I can never show them.”

One 2013 stand-up set included a bit about Goldstein swearing off pornography after researching the possible psychological damage of it. “It was half a story about a time in my life,” Goldstein said. “It does change you. Seeing sexy music videos sends you looping. Because your tolerance has been reset and you’re just like ‘Oh my god, there’s a girl, I need lubrication!’”

Goldstein also addressed managing the strip club his father purchased as part of a “midlife crisis.”

“Desperate Housewives” alum Teri Hatcher revealed in 2021 that Goldstein was instrumental to her own stand-up career after the duo bonded over her sexual dry spell.

“I had come from the gynecologist’s office and I don’t know why, standing and talking to Brett Goldstein — who is this lovely man but I didn’t know who he is because it was years ago — I start telling him the story about how I hadn’t had sex a long time and how I was potentially meeting this guy who maybe I was going to get to be having sex with but I hadn’t had sex in such a long time I wasn’t sure if it all worked down there,” Hatcher told Variety. “I went to the gynecologist with that in mind and I didn’t really know how to ask the gynecologist that question and I finally just said to him, ‘Does it look like a guy would have a good time in there?’ I really said that and he really backed away from me and he went, ‘Teri, you have a totally average vagina.’ Brett fell out laughing and said, ‘That should be the title of your one-woman show.’”

Comedians John Cleese, Jerrod Carmichael, Hannah Einbinder, and Rowan Atkinson have all slammed the concept of cancel culture in comedy, with Atkinson saying it’s especially “comedy’s job to offend.”

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